Available Services:

-Well-pet services - yearly examinations, testing and vaccinations
-Surgery and surgical monitoring
-Spaying and neutering
-Dental Care and products
-Geriatric/senior pet care
-New kitten and puppy care
-Boarding with large fenced walking area
-Cat-only boarding area with relaxing atmosphere
-Professional Grooming and bathing 
-Microchip ID
-In-house laboratory diagnostics
-Digital radiography
-Ultrasound technology
-Laser therapy
-Prescription diets - Hill's Science Diet and Royal Canin
-Prescription heartworm and flea control - Nexgard, Heartgard Plus, Frontline Plus, Comfortis, Trifexis and more
-Pet adoptions through Reese's Rescues

Animal Care Hospital at Bold Springs


We offer professional grooming by appointment for cats and dogs. 
Why get your pet groomed at a veterinary clinic?
*We are able to handle any medical issues brought to light during your pet's grooming appointment. This includes skin infections, hot spots, ear infections, and more. Our doctors can prescribe medications and make recommendations for your pet's concerns during the same visit.
*Difficult pets get the attention they need - certain pets require sedation to be groomed, which should never be done without veterinary supervision.
*Your pet will be exposed only to other healthy, vaccinated pets. We make sure that all dogs and cats that come in our office for grooming are up-to-date on vaccines necessary to keep diseases from spreading. We require a current rabies, distemper-parvo, and bordetella vaccine for dogs; rabies and feline distemper for cats.